Who digs earthworms?

Happy spring! ... but first... a note about EARTHWORMS.

Our lovely wriggly underground support team

We have been out in the vineyard over the weekend getting down and dirty counting our earthworms. This is a great tool to check our soil health and also provides a way to see how our worms compare to trends out there.

Timing: Over spring equinox every year (which was last weekend)

So - what we did:

1. We Dug a 20cm by 20cm wide and 20cm deep hole. Placed the sod on a surface to count worms by gently crumbling the removing the soil. We recorded number of worms found and replaced everything back into the hole.

2. We did this 5 times, including 2 samples from under the vines.

3. We have recorded the information and have sent off the results to Organic Wine New Zealand to see how our results compare to other vineyards. We intend to do this each year at the spring equinox to see how our lovely wriggly underground support team is tracking.

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