Meet the team at Ake Ake Vineyard

Welcome to Ake Ake Vineyard. We are a family run boutique organic vineyard and winery and have been growing grapes and making wine for 14 years. This week we have had a ground breaking change at Ake Ake....we are really excited to welcome Pietro Aloisi as our new addition to our family - the first time ever to have a full time employee. Pietro is from Lazio in Italy and has been in New Zealand for 6 years. He is on his final weeks of the Graduate Diploma in Oenology course at EIT in Hawkes Bay, so is very knowledgeable about all things to do with wine and grape growing.

Please give him a warm welcome when you are visiting our vineyard.

Cheers John, Aynsley & Pietro

The Ake Ake Vineyard Team... John Clarke, AynsleyQuenault and Pietro Aloisi

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